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Custom Metal Parts

Custom orders are always welcome at Hot Rod Metal Parts. In the custom shop, if its metal it most likely can be made. From floor consoles to custom firewalls and floorboards even tool boxes, tanks, and of cause wheel tubs - in just about any shape, size and depth. If you can draw it, or make a template, we can probably make it.


Fuel Tanks


Custom fuel or fluid tanks made to order.

Custom Tool Boxes, Battery Boxes


You can order a custom made equipment box or tool box. Custom Battery boxes also available almost any size you need.

Wheel tubs


Custom wheel tubs made for a customer for his hot rod. Simply e-mail us a drawing.



This firewall was build from a pattern, you can have one made to measure.

Custom Aluminum or sheet metal parts


Custom center console made for a hot rod interior project. Design yours and send us the info so we can price it for you.

Contact us now by phone 619-609-0884 or Email at

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